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Check Me Out is Kansas City’s leading video production company and professional drone photography. is a video content creator serving Kansas City, Overland Park and the Blue Springs areas.

Every small business needs a sound marketing plan in order to succeed. From social media to community relations, traditional marketing and beyond, it’s essential to put yourself out there if you want to make a profit or a difference in the market. And that’s why is here: to help you put your best face forward in order to make real connections with current and potential consumers.

What We Do

At, we offer a vital piece of your small business marketing plan – stunning, high-quality and effective video commercials. We work with you to discover your business’s goals and needs and then develop modern commercials that accurately reflect not only what you do, but how hard you work as a small business owner and what makes you unique.

We then house these videos exclusively in our online directory to help customers find you quickly and easily.

Why We Do It

We know how difficult it is to be a small business owner, between the long hours and wearing so many hats. We’ve been there – more than once, in fact. And as a small business owner, you deserve a marketing plan to help your company grow. We’re here to help you show off what you do, whether that’s baking, cleaning houses or making people feel their most beautiful.

By putting your business out there, you’re opening up the door to┬áreal, personal connections, for people to get to know you on a different level and to reach out to audiences that were previously inaccessible to you.

Ready to Get Started?

We look forward to helping you with your small business video marketing needs. To learn more about or to get started with our team, call us today at (816) 540-2506 in Kansas City or contact us online.