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Real People, Local Businesses

The team at understands that choosing small, local businesses to give your patronage is oftentimes preferable to big-name stores or services, where you’re just another number. And equally important, you want to give your hard-earned money to someone you can trust and make a real connection with. So we’ve worked hard to gather an elite group of local businesses that, quite simply, perform better work and offer superior products.

User-Friendly Listings

We are pleased to present you with a new kind of business listing – one that presents the highlights and unique aspects of each company in a way that’s not only pleasing to the eye, it’s easy to find exactly who you’re looking for. We don’t want to waste your time with endless scrolling; with, you’ll get the information you need, quickly and effectively.

Setting Local Businesses Apart

At, we work closely with every single small business owner. We get to know their “why,” what makes them tick, what drives them and what separates their company from the competition. We familiarize ourselves with these small business owners on a different level, and are proud to be able to promote what they do and convey it in a way that connects them to a larger audience.

Become a Part of Kansas City's History

Continue the legacy of people-to-people connections with the help of We want to help small businesses grow, as well as match consumers with local companies they can trust. Call us today at (816) 540-2506 or contact us online to get started.